Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Plan-It-X Records

I'll blog about Plan-It-X (wikipedia) tonight. It is 1:30 a.m., I feel alive. I usually don't feel really alive until after 4 a.m. From 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. people are still awake, doing things, distracting me from being alive, ruining my life. Before 12 a.m. I worry a lot. From 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. I really don't do anything, I walk around outside feeling alienated and if it's cold outside cold and even pissed-off though sarcastically. I'm not really pissed-off. If I drop a $6 smoothie I just bought on my pants I won't make noises. I will silently process what happened and work on fixing it. I'll feel better than before due to being distracted from emotional thoughts about the despair I feel. Days I have work I usually go to sleep before 4 a.m.

Plan-It-X, their cds are all $5 with free shipping, here is what Chris Johnston who does Plan-It-X says,
i work hard everyday for my label and if i had to have a job i wouldn't be able to do as much as i do for my label. i haven't worked a job for 5 years now. i run my label and tour in my band. the two things combined manage to pay my rent and buy me food and that's all i need. my rent is 275.00 a month. i also pay 100.00 a month to pay rent for a local group called page to prisoners. i can sometimes afford to pay my friends to help me with label stuff. i don't drive a new car (i drive a wrecked mini-van that sometimes doesn't have reverse). i'm not ashamed of living off of my label. i work hard and i don't feel like i'm ripping off anyone. no one is complaining. i try to live a good lifestyle. i shop responsibly, i donate money to great groups, i share with my friends and pay for my friends meals etc. i put back nearly all of the money i make into the "scene" i host benefit events that raise a lot of money sometimes. i couldn't do as much if i had to be stuck at a job.
I like that. I like Gene Morgan because with Bear Parade he pays a lot of money to the authors and you never read an essay by him where he complains for five paragraphs and then says that Bear Parade is "a labor of love."

If someone is having sex you don't hear them say, "I'm okay with doing this even though I'm not getting paid because it is a labor of love." People don't get paid for having sex in a relationship. Gene Morgan doesn't get paid for doing Bear Parade. Chris Johnston doesn't get paid really for doing Plan-It-X. He probably makes like $2 an hour from doing the record label. Gene Morgan gets paid like -$10 an hour probably. Yes, negative. He loses money. I help pay the authors a little also so I make something negative on Bear Parade or something. Gene Morgan loses more money than some people make. And none of these people complain and then say that what they are doing is a "labor of love."

If I started a press I would feel really terrible complaining to the author about all the work I was doing for them without getting paid. I would feel really bad wanting to edit the author's book. I would want to make it so that if I was failing I would like not sleep for a week to do something. Yes, that is really vague, probably because I don't know what I'm talking about exactly.

Here are some songs I like by bands that Plan-It-X have put out some of their things.

Secret Letters by Erin Tobey

I Grow Like a Plant by Erin Tobey

England by Ghost Mice

Amazing Kids by Antsy Pants (second song)

I'm Just Going to Leave by Defiance, Ohio

That is enough songs. If I post too many no one will care. I blogged a lot. I feel strange and anxious. I should also say that all I said about money is within a context and goal that I realize is arbitrary therefore this post should not be read rhetorically but just as another fact, another point-of-view, another thing that is a fact within a certain context and goal, no different than any other thing that is true within whatever context or goal but becomes untrue from any other perspective except itself. To read about knowledge of context and goals and the arbitrary nature of the universe making it so all my rhetoric is sarcastic go here. I will no longer post on that site. Because I don't know what it is really. Things I would post on that site I will now post here.


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