Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Less Than Nothing" by I Hate Myself

The second song. (lyrics below)
60 watts, brighter than my future,
an empty forty, fuller than my life,
there must be more, sometimes i don't think so,
maybe i'm right, maybe there's no such thing as a brighter side
a sultry night, stare at moons from rooftops,
a broken engine, poisoned never dry,
i pour my heart out to a god that doesn't listen,
you said you'd save me, you said you'd love me always but you lied

and i can't dry my eyes and there is nothing left inside,
one day, the day, the day that i said i,
my heart inside was cold so that you didn't know,
so all and you, you won't love me at all,
the leaves come down,
there is no sound,
and if i fall would you notice at all?

the thought of me repulses me,
but you'd say you took me anyway,
i am so alone on a corroded city rooftop,
i saw you walking, you didn't say anything,
you always told me that you'd never stop loving me,
but you stopped before you started and now all i have is lies

what am i gonna be?
who am i gonna be?
afraid, repressed,
and now that i feel lost,
well i wish that you had grown
while i bleed all alone,
the falling rain
is what is left for me
we're gonna be
what's left for me
what is there to learn?
there is less than nothing,
i thought you'd be, be there for me
you weren't there, you weren't anywhere

you lied right to my face
you broke my fucking heart,
one day, one day you tore my heart apart
and i have nothing,
and i am nothing,
i'm piss,
i'm shit,
i am less than nothing
Some of those are wrong I think. I got it from some site.

Here is an interview ("The fact that he decided to call the band the most appropriate name for the type of music is hilarious. I think it allowed him to be a bit more creative with the lyrics.") with the drummer who is the singer and songwriter's brother.

Here is their wikipedia ("Despite the supposed signs of being a "joke band", the music itself was never presented in a "jokey" manner and the lyrics laid out coherent storylines and characters.") page.


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