Monday, January 12, 2009

Handsome Furs


Handsome Furs wake up in the same bed. They are married.
'What time is it?' one of the Handsome Furs says.
'I don't know,' the other Handsome Fur says.
'Oh, okay.'
The Handsome Fur that said 'I don't know' feels a small amount of animosity radiating from the 'Oh, okay' Handsome Fur (which is faced away in the bed). The 'I don't know' Handsome Fur panics, not wanting the day to start off bad, and lead to an irrational, full-blown argument or something.
'Maybe it's eleven,' the panicking Handsome Fur says. 'It looks like eleven. It's bright out.'
The facing away Handsome Fur doesn't say anything.


The Handsome Furs go on a tour of Russia. They decide to do a second album called 'Face Control' based on something or other while on tour. Sometimes they go into museums and look at things.
At one of their Russian gigs, a Handsome Fur plugs the drum machine in wrong. At sound check the drum machine doesn't work.
'What's happening?' one of the Handsome Furs says.
'I don't know,' the other one says.
'Oh, life is long and hard,' says the Handsome Fur who unwittingly plugged the drum machine in wrong.
'What's that? It sounds familiar.'
'It's a lyric from one of our songs.'


One of the Handsome Furs wakes up, confused, and thinks it is in the Psychedelic Furs. It doesn't know much about the Psychedelic Furs so it looks them up on wikipedia. 'Richard Butler,' it thinks, looking at the computer screen. 'My name is Richard Butler.'
In the practice room it starts playing the riff from the song 'Pretty in Pink'.
'What are you doing?' the other Handsome Fur says.
'I don't know' the confused Handsome Fur says.


It is a nice day.
'Lets have a bake sale,' says one of the Handsome Furs.
'Okay,' says the other one.
'What is a bake sale?'
'I don't know.'
They look up 'bakesale' and then 'bake sale' on wikipedia.
They find out that it is a 'fundraising activity where baked goods such as doughnuts, cupcakes, and cookies, sometimes along with ethnic goods, are sold'.
The bake sale takes a long time.
The Handsome Furs become increasingly frustrated and bored by the slow progress of the bake sale.
'We haven't updated our myspace,' they think. 'We could be uploading new pictures or songs or something. We could be playing a charity gig, instead, maybe. This is ridiculous. Oh god. What are we doing?'

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