Thursday, December 6, 2007

Intense Drumming

I think there was a 'genre' of punk music called 'skate-punk.'

The drummers in these bands all the did the thing where you use your heel and front of the foot to do a 'double' bass hit in one movement of the foot with one pedal. They did that to make it really fast and do a normal beat with two bass notes, a snare, one bass, a snare, etc. a lot faster.

This created intense drumming situations.

I played drums in high school and remember going to a messageboard to look for bands that had intense drumming.

CDs I remember with the most intense drumming, that I found, were Ballads From the Revolution by Good Riddance (drummer was Sean Sellers; you can hear here) and Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues by Strung Out (drummer was Jordan Burns, live example here, or see below, the youtube, I really like that song, I wish the mp3 was available online). And maybe Hoss by Lagwagon (drummer was Derrick Plourde [committed suicide]). All those CDs were 'engineered' by Ryan Greene, who seemed to have 'engineered' every CD during this time where the drummer did that fast beat using one pedal.

Those two CDs by Good Riddance and Strung Out are intense to me, I like how the guitars and drums sound.

I can't find mp3s. I can only find this thing with a song off Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues. I like how the drums and guitar sound.

I don't know why I typed this post. I know that this is probably only interesting to me because I spent time on it in high school. I really do know that. Thank you for reading.

I like that song because it is intense and the lyrics don't repeat themselves and the song doesn't repeat itself. It has no chorus and isn't catchy but I can listen to it a lot of times. I like the lyrics. Yes, that applies to a lot of songs. I think people like songs based on other things except what they sound like. I really do. You meet someone and they like some kind of music, some people like some kind, other people another kind, they like the same books or something but different music. It depends on things that happened in society and who they talked to and what they listened to as a child and who told them what was good I think more than what something sounds like.


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