Sunday, December 9, 2007


Mutual Friends

There was nothing remotely romantic about it. No hand-me-down sob-stories, either nurtured or genetic. So what was so goddamn important that I felt I had to shelve each and every one of my convictions? Secured and mutually reassured of our consistency. But your defense rejects what (you claim) you believe. Because what the fuck is so "sociable" about animal-confinement and torture, union busting, sexism and isn't strange how you don't call anymore?
About As Close to Emo As We'll Ever Get

I hid inside my room like a fucking coward (what? please kill me). The past eighteen months flashed before me in the last eight long hours. It was amazing, you finally got a rise out of me. I laughed, I cried (well I tried, but I laughed again). Who the fuck needs a caricature to be their friend? It's so fucking stupid. I'm just as scared and insecure as you (maybe even x2). And I wonder what you really thought of me. An intimate friend? A loud-mouth jerk or just a novelty? This is not an apology, just therapy, cause as we all know (and apparently), I don't need anybody.
Less Talk, More Rock

I'd like to actively encourage the toughest man to dance as hard as he can to this, my song. And bring your stupidest friends along. We wrote this song cause it's fucking boring to keep spelling out the words that you keep ignoring. And your macho shit won't phase me now. It just makes us laugh. We got your cash, court jester take a bow. Cause did you know that when I was 9 I tried to fuck a friend of mine. He was 8, then I turned 10. 14 years later it happened again, with another friend. This time it was me on the receiving end. All the fists in the world can't save you now. If you dance to this, you drink to me. And my sexuality. With your hands down my pants by transitive property.


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