Thursday, December 20, 2007

el-p - little johnny from the hospital

El-P is from New York. He lives there. He has created and maintained (and produced much of the work on) Definitive Jux.

I'm unsure about El-P as a person. He seems very serious about things. I don't think he's capable of a high level of detachment or sarcasm. One time someone told me he started scratching his face off at a show, saying 'I'm going crazy!! I'm going crazy!!' and he was bleeding. This makes me a little afraid.

I rarely like his songs with lyrics. However, when he was in Company Flow, he made a really good beat CD called Little Johnny From the Hospital. The best one ever made, maybe. I will post songs and underneath them write what I think about when while I listen to them.

El-P - Workers Needed

I am walking on the sidewalk downtown. I am underground actually. I am in a massive underground power plant shoveling coal into a train cart. Robot overseers shock me with laser guided tasers. I'm shocked in the forehead with a taser and the robot overseer is looking at me. I stand up and am shoveling more coal into the train cart. Everyone's in overalls. Above the underground, fat little children in their Sunday Clothes play around with high voices.

El-P - 8MS Digi

I am a gigantic metal monster with a toast-shaped body. I am walking around downtown and really destroying things. Like going insane. I'm screaming a lot and the sound is like three million supernova explosions at point blank range repeatedly for 500 million years. There aren't any people around, I'm just destroying concrete buildings and dust is flying everywhere. Mostly I'm just annoyed with myself and hate myself.

El-P - Shadows Drown

I am a female praying mantis eating a male praying mantis' head and this is happening over and over until the song ends. I feel like swamp thing and want to be in a submarine while doing this. I sometimes feel it necessary to seek out a horrible underwater sea monster and fight it with a trident until I die.

Interviews here and here.


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